Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's to Come

I haven't posted anymore here yet, mostly due to my sadness and depression over losing my dad, but I wanted this to be an active place to remember him, as he deserves to be remembered.

So, I will soon post some photos, probably starting with the very last pictures of him that I forgot I even took.  They were taken by me with my cell phone camera on the day he was being released from the rehab facility he was at (and where he should have stayed, as he really still need 24 hour care at that point).

I will also post some of his own writings, in fact, those will most likely be the most frequent content I eventually put up here, in addition to my own thoughts and remembrances. 

My dad was a simple man in many ways,  and I believe good though not perfect. He knew he had made many mistakes in life, some of which he deeply regretted. But he always tried, and I will always admire him for that. I only wish his life had been a happier one, and that he hadn't faced so many health problems and so much constant pain in his final years.

More on all this soon. 


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