Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2007

From Dad's journal:


Up at 7:30am washed & shaved, later made our breakfast, Dona, Shawn and I. We had sausage patties,  fried eggs, English muffins,  juice & coffee. Then I prepared 14lb young turkey for oven, washed & dried, then used oil & seasoning to rub total turkey down. Then into cooking bag for a 3hr 20 min cook time.

Just before final cooking, prepared dressing, fresh yams, mashed potatoes, frozen peas and my delicious, juicy, moist turkey.

Dona and Shawn ate right away. I wasn't hungry & didn't eat till 6pm, in the meantime I went out to garage & did25min on trampoline & then did a dumbbell and Bowflex workout. After a shower I had only yams, mashed potatoes & peas, no turkey as it can't be eaten with starch (potatoes) (food combining data).

Watch some television & later after 11pm Coast to Coast Am George Noory host is having (JFK) conspiracy discussion on tonight.